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nice! thanks for the heads up!
  i wear light sweaters in warmer weather sometimes (cricket jumpers or thin pieces, etc...). i think they can be worn any time of year given personal preference and what you pair it with.   how do the oxfords from Rugby usually size? never tried them on. I have Polo custom-fit oxfords in Small that fit well (a tad on the roomy side still) ...
may be interested in this ... keeping an eye on it
^ she's a looker for sure :)   went to the PRL outlet this past weekend to see if they had any gems, no Rugby stuff this time though. did get a rugby shirt for about $20 off retail. not bad.
So I'm going to be in NYC (mainly LES and Midtown) next weekend - what thrift shops does everyone recommend? I found that there are a bunch near Union Square where I'll be staying.
just go to Tysons Galleria if you want high end all in one place.
I'm not a shoe snob by any means, so I'm just going to go ahead and say: Damn, those are some nice-ass shoes. Who cares which welt technique is used on which? I don't haha
might pick up some of your shirts soon, need some more colored basics in my arsenal!
  bumping this because i feel the same way. cooler weather = more variety
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