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  haha I guess it's not, just don't know of anyone else in my circle that knows about it.
aubin and wills and jack wills are in the same vein as rugby, with jack wills being focused towards college-age, and A&W more for recent grads/young pros. funny, a jack wills shop just opened up here in georgetown about half a block away from the rugby store.   also, i don't like giving away one of my more secret brands, but Hackett is one that i like - it's a British brand (like the Wills lines) that is very similar to PRL but with an emphasis on British style. the only...
  i think you're right  
looks like they brought back the sweater 30% discount deal
wow, did not know this. i guess we can expect a big sell-off starting in late winter?
  some items are discounted on the site, some up to 40% off, that's all. you can apply the extra 20% off in your cart.     The length is about the same in my experience. The body fits should be slimmer than normal PRL though.
just ordered up a bunch of items last night, grabbed a card holder and yellow university oxford for myself. the site is kind of whack, you have to dig around to see everything, still have some server 500 errors for some links
yeah the current sale is actually pretty good on pricing, plus the INSIDERFALL code stacks plus free shipping till Nov 7. For sure going to place an order this week to get gifts for fam.
go with M  
wicked. can get some early xmas present shopping done!
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