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Just got my monogram boatneck sweater today.   WOW, this thing is hefty. Was not expecting it to be so substantial, but it's a nice surprise. Definitely worth the rock-bottom price I paid haha.
I don't enjoy any of the D&S styles, something about it just screams cheap/dirty to me. I know that's an exaggeration, and I'm sure their quality is fine, but it's just not appealing. I believe they're going for an Urban Rocker Woodsman look.  
you're right, and I'm going to measure tonight. sucks being stockier built than most folks!
So I've read through a lot of the latest posts here to get an idea for a Sterlingwear fit, and I'm looking for some advice from you experts here. I'm 5'4 and between 135-140 lbs, athletic build (my shoulders, arms, and chest are not slim, but they're not huge). My normal suit size is 38S, since I typically have to layer on shirts for that, though a 36S would be more form fitting. From what I can gather, a 36S would be what I'm looking for for a peacoat? Or would a 34S be...
No, but I will tonight. An item from my last order (about a month ago) also took about a week to ship out, so it may not be an issue.
i think you can, but you have to be using the appropriate top and accessories to make it work. unless you're in Texas, then anything goes.
Still waiting for my order from Monday to be shipped out. What the deal, Rugby ?
yeah looks like everything is on sale now
ordered up the mono boatneck sweater and the shield tee
damn, go to the gym or something and bulk up!
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