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7 For All Mankind, True Religion, Levi's (my pick), or raw would be sources for jeans that you're asking about.   In regards to your original question, that is not business casual - that looks like business-ish but then you forgot to bring the suitpants to work that day. To me, jeans are never part of a business casual outfit. Some people may protest, but that's just my take. Unless you're the CEO or some high up executive who can call the shots, save the jeans for...
Still waiting for my order from Thursday to ship, need this thing to arrive by Monday evening. I'm thinking because I choose gift packaging, it takes longer. Love the boxes though, great for home decor/theme haha
well, that IS the only way to finish that sentence haha
  yeah ... or wear it to derbies or ... cricket
It is a really nice sweater, but at $500, I'd have to pass.
I think it's because people are trying to get Xmas shopping done, and pushing the limits of shipping during holiday season is not a wise idea (for the most part). And it's probably also partially due to what you've mentioned.   Some friends and I are planning to make it out to the Rugby Cafe at least one more time before they close, gotta get those Crushes
  Nope, I haven't, and that's probably where I can get the insight that you've pointed out.         Wasn't my intention to accuse or insult anyone, just genuinely curious about what these people's daily lives are to afford them to wear these kinds of things, not monetarily but situationally. I definitely can appreciate higher-end items, no doubt about that, I'm just wondering about the drivers behind some of the sartorial choices and plaudits and criticisms that SF tends...
I'm a relative noob to the SF world, and browsing the WAYWT thread, do these people REALLY wear all that crap every day? I know SF's got a reputation for espousing high end stuff left and right, but really, how liveable are most of those outfits? I'd bet most of the things people wear in there, they're afraid of even getting a crease in their shirt or shoes. To me, if you can't comfortably live in your wardrobe - meaning, you're not afraid to get things a bit scuffed up,...
Been eyeing that striped cable-knit hoodie for a long while, decided to go for it. Basically 50% off after tax shipped, good deal to me. Was browsing trying to find something for my father as another Xmas gift, but I'll have to look elsewhere ...
gonna keep an eye on your site! looks like some good stuff in there!
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