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Went out to the cafe yesterday for late night drinks with friends       Shenanigans are always appropriate here haha
    Thanks guys. The cable-knit sweater is pretty cool, don't think there are many other pieces like it out there from any other brands. The small goods are pretty good quality, and the leather used ages well over time. Even with the wear on the wallet that you see, it still feels very solid, and I'd suggest looking into one if you're in the market for a daily-use wallet.
Thought I'd finally post up some of the stuff I've gotten since joining the thread to help others get a better idea of how things look and fit. Everything I have is size Small, and I'm 5'4 with an athletic build (meaning chest and shoulders are broader, thus XS usually pulls too much in the chest for me). Lighting isn't great, have touched up some of the pics. Hope this helps people with their selections before the line closes down!   Black Monogram Boatneck...
yes, haha. no, I just thought there was a general rule that white sneakers were saved for warmer weather. if not, then I'm just making it up.
so i know the general rule of thumb is to not wear white sneaks in the colder months, what say you?
Yes, too cinched at the middle/waist. The third suit really exaggerates this because of the vertical stripes.   The second look would actually work if you were attending an outdoor, sporty function. If the waists were let out a little, they would work perfectly well.   Just my 0.02
hah, well i guess that sale is gone now. wouldn't have made it out to Georgetown anyway ...
I will resist and NOT ask for the link - been spending too much this past month haha. My sweater should be here tomorrow, whoo! Going to wait for that final ultimate sale before scooping up any more Rugby items.
yeah that is nuts for shorts. those look like something you could find from RL (which would look better anyway) or from a beach/surf/tropicwear line (which would be 1/6 the price)
Agreed. That pic is a great look and fit IMO.
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