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      Took a closer look at the pictures on the site - I think it looks really good and can be pulled off as a daily for sure. Of course, the way you layer underneath will have to be similar in prep/uni style ... or you could not care and just do whatever you want haha! Would be a cool piece to have, but I already have a parka from Theory that does the job.
They just updated this morning with a Last Call Sale - up to 70% off ... doesn't seem like prices have changed though
Just put in my last order ever I think. Went for:   Rugby Striped Silk Wallet Red/Navy Winged Foot Card Holder All the tie bars except the dart (not really feeling that one for some reason) Shield Key Fob White Dress Oxford (the remaining size was actually my size!) White R Polo Black/Cream Striped Cable Boatneck Sweater   Almost went for the Patchwork Scarf, but can't justify it as I have too many scarves already that I under-utilize. Someone should...
I agree, I think this will be the lowest price point they will offer directly before items get moved off to discount retailers.
I believe Saturdays has a pair of slippers that he could give feedback on.   I have been using one of the silk/leather wallets for the past 4 years, and it's been great as a daily beater. I put up pictures a couple of pages back. There is fraying and wear, but for the most part, it's held up really well to pocket abuse, and the leather ages gracefully. Got my latest order in the mail last night: 2 OCBD in purple and pink 1 blue wool bowtie 1 purple R polo 1...
That second look is very clean and easy to pull off.
I have a bunch of JCrew stuff, mainly shirts, which are actually quite nice if you get them on discount. They're good for casual and office wear at least. JCrew trends more towards "office prep" and "hipster" looks in my opinion.   I have two GANT shirts, one is a Rugger which I got at severe discount at an outlet, the other is the main line which I picked up (new!) for a song at a thrift shop. I agree with md2010 that the quality is all over the place, though, the...
      Interesting, sounds like the sales are working pretty well then. Still waiting for my order from last week to ship out.   randomkoreandude, you notice the Jack Wills that opened up next to Rugby recently? Strategic planning if you ask me haha
  Well, randomkoreandude already noted that the Georgetown store is already emptied out basically (and that is one of their more primo locations). I'll try and swing by this weekend to see if the cafe is still going on too.
Just ordered a bunch of stuff, and decided to throw in the remaining bowtie too, since it's made in Italy. I also saw a TON of Rugby stuff at Marshall's before Christmas, so be sure to check your local stores out! One last hurrah before the whole line goes down the tubes.
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