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This knit tie just popped up, someone should get it. Made in Italy.
Great analysis/explanation Blaugrana. BR was the first brand of clothes that I really identified with back in middle/high school, and they had some great stuff. I remember when the factory stores actually were outlets for unsold retail stock. Nowadays, BR has been overrun by folks looking for easy office-wear and smart-casual pieces, which is fine because that's what I use the brand for now as well. Some of the upper end items I still do really like, such as the textured...
Totally agree with others on how some of the huge patches or lettering basically ruined some of the Rugby pieces. I definitely prefer some of the more understated and simpler stuff, though I do enjoy some of the color combos Rugby has put together.   Just put in a last order for some basics, nothing else left strikes my fancy. Might try to see if the PRL outlet near me has any Rugby items in clearance. Feels like I'm stocking up on museum vintage pieces ... hah
  That is nuts. We just got some snow here in the DC area for the first time this season, and temps have been below freezing for about a week (anywhere from single digits to 30's, not THAT cold comparatively). Really wish I had a peacoat to use ...   If you look at eclecticstyle's post on the previous page, you'll see the JCrew version fit at the price-point you're looking for. The Gap peacoat fits similarly I believe. Other than that, you won't be getting a Bond look...
Yikes. Would rather spend that money on a RLBL Jacket any day.
So I'm looking at two possible coats to try and bid on, would be great to get some advice/opinions from the gurus on how they may fit in real life:   #1 Description Issued in 1981 based on the contract number Tag size is 36S. See measurement for proper fit Armpit to armpit - 19 1/2 inches Shoulder to shoulder - 17 1/2 inches 
That green/white cardigan y'all had been eyeing before is now back and on sale
Received my latest order last night, will put up some pics of my Rugby collection so far later this week/end. I know some of you out there have some unique stuff, would be cool to see what people have got and how you put them together!   PS - A little bit disappointed in the tie bars. The regular engraved one is nice, but the other shaped ones feel a bit cheap and not as three-dimensional as I was expecting.
Just to add my own 0.02 to the Rugby outwear question - I have a thin trenchcoat from '10/'11 I think, XS. Fits pretty tight in the shoulders, since typically wear a small for Rugby. Can only basically wear a dress shirt underneath, good for workwear in the spring and fall. So yes, the outwear should follow the same slimmer cuts as the other pieces  
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