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North Face
Subbed. This thread delivers. So much.
    Ah ok, did not know that! Very cool stuff. I'm guessing he's not going to do so much with patches as he is with patterns and colorways. I'm seeing some embellished oxfords and patterned cords that would fit into his style.
  Will look forward to that Curious how he's going to pull it off, since he's a blogger by trade
Yup, it's just the cover/carrier. You'll have to purchase your own thermos.
I actually really like the Dockers Alpha Khakis - they feel good, are pretty solid, and come in a wide variety of colors and sizes
It was nice knowing you Rugby .... I don't know what they're going to do with the Georgetown location, since Club Monaco closed there 2 years ago, but the full RL store is still on Wisconsin. Don't know if the DC crowd would buy into D&S, haven't seen much of any of it being sold around here.
Hoping to pop by the Curatory over Memorial Weekend if it's open ... Would love to own a pair of USA-made local jeans that will last forever
I love how he says it's vintage ... probably already anticipating the markup for Rugby items once it's completely gone
Looks like they cancelled the Vintage University Chinos and Rugby Chino Cap from my order, probably mistakenly left on the site at the time. No biggie, not going to miss those.
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