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Ohhh looking through for some items. Lots of great prices there!
I wear Polo (and non-Polo) shirts like that all the time for casual wear, especially the oxford sport shirts
I think your purchase is completely worth it if it's worth it to you and can afford it. Sure, you might be able to find the same suit at a lower price online or at some discounter, but at a retailer like Barney's, you're paying for convenience, assurance, and service. You know that the piece you bought is authentic and that if you have any issues with the purchase, you will most likely be getting very good service from the retailer. I'm pretty sure discounters and online...
i've already got a tie in the same color as the green one, but man, that fabric is nice ... hmmm ...
going to keep my eye on this ...
realized you probably meant HSM was a diffusion line of the full on Hart Schaffner Marx label.
i say let him wear it because prom is meant to be a fun time with friends. everyone shows up in all sorts of crazy getup, and it's fun to look back on that and say "wow, what was i thinking". let him do his own thing, and you can do yours.
    so I should probably go for the Napoli cut then.
This is a good point. Always better to try on something tailored first.   What is HSX a diffusion line of? Weren't they a full-on suiting house way back?
Very interested in suitsupply now as well ... read through a bunch of pages here, and it seems like the pants fit are more on the slim side in general? does that mean their slim-fits are really really slim? I'm 5'4 athletic build with shorter legs, but my thighs are kind of big (from playing soccer and running most of my life), so most slim-fits are decently tight on me.   Would the Napoli cut work the best? I like the cut of the Washington-Half and Lazio as well if...
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