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Pic kind of sucks and doesn't show much, but this was after a whole afternoon/night of festivities while attending my friend's wedding. Forgive the unbuttoned top button and loosened tie and rolled up sleeves. Thought I'd at least contribute something to sub this thread. Everything is OTR, so I was happy with how it all turned out, though the BR shirt has long sleeves (for me) as usual ... Not as baller as most others here on SF, so please forgive me.     Suit:...
never wear flip-flops/sandals out in public unless at a beach/doing nautical things, in the yard, or running a quick errand. all these dudes going to town with flip-flops on just buggers the heck out of me! you don't look good, and no one wants to see your ugly ass feet!
I'm a Software/Project Engineer for a large defense contractor, and most everyone is business casual (more emphasis on the casual). No need to get dressier than a nice shirt and slacks, ever. Sometimes a tie with a customer presentation, but that's about it. I've got my "work uniform" that I rotate through in my closet, so I hardly put any thought into what I wear for work. No consequence. I only put more thought if there's occasion to, such as interacting with a much...
Sounds like you need to get straps that actually fit your wrist or find case sizes that make sense for your arm/hand size.   The Seiko 5 suggestions are good. Also look into Timex and Citizen for some solid, reliable, inexpensive pieces. Tissot has some PRC models that work as dailywear under the $150 mark.
hard to read the brand logo on the face, but I think it says "MSC" - that would lead me to believe it's the German watchmaker MSC M.Schneider & Co.  
depends on what school you go to and if you're going to be wearing these every day or just for special events
wore my Walnut McAllisters for the first time yesterday. First hour or so was a little bit uncomfortable because the insole and leather was stiff (as expected), but it got a lot more comfortable throughout the day as it broke in. Once home, did the full cleaning/conditioning/polishing process minus the heel+bottom dressing bit and popped the trees back in. So far so good.
just curious (since i'm thinking about ordering from suit supply as well), what size/fit did you order there ?   the jacket seems a tad long to me ... and the pants could use maybe one more inch?
if you want to look like an old guy or actually have a reason to tuck your shirt into your jeans or casual slacks, then do it. otherwise, i'm wearing my shirt untucked if it's a casual day out. i already spend the rest of the week wearing my shirts tucked in at work... i didn't even know that having an untucked shirt was a "trend", i thought it was just practicality and comfort
Just went to the AE location in Reston, VA by me. Great staff, the guy there helped me think about getting a versatile color for almost any occasion, so I went ahead and picked up some Walnut McAllisters in 7D. He was also helpful in explaining shoe care techniques and products. Ended up getting shoe trees, a shoe horn, walnut polish, conditioner, a brush, a cloth, and dressing. Total came out to ~$310 after tax (salesguy discounted everything for me, which was a great...
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