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there is also a discount code floating around (expires soon i think) that will get you 10% off your entire order. not sure if it's kosher on SF, so not posting up.
Yeah definitely need some color in your life, don't be afraid to explore the entire color palette!   Definitely working my way back over towards the modern preppy angle, and less of the modern urban style. It just seems more fiitting to my lifestyle.
last night ordered some sale items: varsity fleece shawl cardigan in cream, green university chino shorts, and leather&white braided rope belt. severely tempted to get a duffle to upgrade my travel bags as well.
keeping an eye on this thread. have some rugby pieces myself, interesting to see the different things people have put up and what trends people are buying into from RL...   sidenote: the rugby cafe is an awesome place to hang out late nights if there is one near you
i just got these exact same pair of brown suedes by CT:     thinking they should hold up pretty well for the fall season
I think I've basically been "modern preppy" throughout my years, probably heavily influenced by my time going to a Catholic high school ... Don't think my style will be deviating too too much from the "modern prep" style, but definitely evolving it from the college style to a more refined post-grad style having been in the workforce for a couple of years now. SF has really opened my eyes up to the importance of quality pieces (over quantity) and being more confident with...
you could get some black diesels   Or if you want to ball out, get some Prada - i heard they're actually comfortable. Mario Batali wears some Pradas in his kitchens all the time.  
I'd suggest some oxfords/blucher mocs. They can go with most anything. Brown will be more versatile than black in a casual setting. The AE stuff is good as well if you have that budget.
might be standard/unimaginative/overplayed, but i'd suggest Walnut AE Strands or McAllisters for your budget.
hahahaha i should
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