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Scored a maroon hand-rolled silk BB pocket square for $2 and a MacIntyre tartan wool tie for $3 !
so much impeccable tailoring my head is going to explode ...  wanker   when people think buying and wearing expensive clothing automatically makes them fashionable, it's the worst
I agree with the Polo custom fit shirts - they are the same materials and cuts essentially.
Totally agree with the higher-quality pieces bit. And it definitely is practiced, at least at my alma mater. There are some who did pull off a dressier look daily because they made it work without being pretentious. Also helps if you dress-down from time to time. And I agree with Hendrix's statement above as well - do what you want and dress comfortably. Style branding for the sake of style branding is stupid (SF flame-suit on).
I doubt it. It's like the whole Instagram thing, where everyone is suddenly some kind of fashion guru or e-celebrity.   However, I do know a fashion blogger IRL, and she was into it before the whole blogger explosion.
  Respectfully disagree, I think her hips are average width and look quite good
Yup, I basically never wear hats unless it is necessitated by the situation, never solely as a style piece
Great advice on blazers so far, looking to get a basic navy one soon
^ whoa, nice find.
    I think one of the arguments made by most people against Rugby was that the quality of their items did not necessarily live up to the perceived high price tag. There are many exceptions though, such as the early suiting, ties, or slippers, for example. Some of my friends (both guys and girls) have told me personally that they never really liked the quality of the fabrics or that it looked/felt cheap to them considering the price. This is coming from people my age...
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