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Thanks for the info!The shoulders sit pretty much flush - I have a thicker chest and arms, so it fills out. They do bunch up if I raise my arms above shoulder-height, but that's a non-issue for me.
Yes, the coat is big on me. Definitely an "R" length, and even an "S" would still be a tad long on me anyways. Need to get the sleeves at least sorted out, not sure how expensive getting the bottom shortened would be if I want to do that as well. The body itself, there isn't actually too much wiggle room when it's buttoned up, so it's at least the right number size.
Oh interesting ... in any case, I need to work on repairing it and cleaned up.
Yeah, I actually went ahead and bought the coat. Too good of a chance to pass up, even if it is a bit raggedy.- Literally NO labels on it other than the stencil.- No idea what the size actually is, but I'm guessing a 36R.- Don't know what era, I'm guessing post-1980's- Inner lining is a dark green/black with dark green cloth in the pockets.- Found 2 extra fouled anchor buttons in a pocket!- 4 buttons on each side with buttonholes on both plackets as well My measurements...
Was at the surplus store yesterday picking out items for my Halloween costume and ran across a surplus peacoat - looked in OK condition (obvious but not ridiculous wear) but was missing a button. Didn't take pics, but it fit me decently well, if not a bit long in the sleeves and body (I'm a small guy). Couldn't find ANY sizing or make info on the coat at all, except for a very faded stencil on the lining that said "Leicester MS" and a string of numbers underneath it....
Same, I've been skimming items as they pop up at the local discount stores. Some things from the last season, some deadstock. I should probably document all my Rugby pieces at some point, and would be cool to see some unique things people have acquired (like Rugby Thompson's post)  
  Ah, well that's a shame. I did wonder why it seemed a bit amateurish, but hey, I don't know how the marketing world operates. In any case, it was a nice case study.
That makes sense, regarding the Japan design. Rugby has been dead since February this year.   An interesting find that I came across while Googling - this is the Final Marketing Plan for Rugby that was published late 2011/early 2012 (my best guess):   It gives some very cool insight into the minds of the RL team at the time.
Swung by a local Marshall's today, they still have some very limited SP13 stock floating around. Picked up Ellis jeans, a cream waffle-knit shirt, and a navy henley.
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