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IniNew. Pictures? Sorry I can't help you there.  When I finally received a package, about 5 weeks later,the suit was had numerous holes and frays. I took that suit and threw it in the garbage. This was a suit described as flawless.  The big problem is her giving tracking numbers and when you try to track the package it says they haven't received the package. You then try to contact via phone or email and no response.  You then tell her to cancel the order, again no...
Brioni. You went from Electrical engineer to Chuck Norris.  Over reaction....I rest my case.
Thanks for the resume and grammar lesson. I'm a Master Mariner (Captain) of ships and have sailed to every continent of on this planet  with exception of Antartica. I've commanded vessel up to 1000 ft long with various tonnage and had crew members with Phd's  and some with parole papers.  I've heard  every kind of BS  coming from people my whole career.    Now what does this have to do  with Conti Couture being a total rip off. Yeah I finally got something and have...
BrioniFan: You are full of it. ContiCouture is a worthless sight.  People have been ripped off.  To any reading Brioni's review, be very skeptical.  You only get lies  at ContiCouture. THE SIGHT IS A RIP OFF!!!
Well 50% took that chance and got screwed.   Don't take me wrong.  I don't mind a pre owned suit if it's in excellent condition.  And while shopping online  that definition of "excellent" or "mint" can have a lot of gray area.  That is the chance the buyer takes.  For me it's the thrill of the hunt.  I bought some great suits at some great  prices.  But to not send items and when items are sent they are nothing short of garbage is way out of line and not acceptable. ...
If New Without Tags mean holes and frays in the fabric.  If customer service mean no replies on phone calls and emails.    By the way if  you read the posts there about of even  amount of good  to bad experiences.    If a 50 % chance of getting good service and a good product sounds good to you, by all means shop there.
This website and business is not legitimate.   Many people placed orders and have  not received their items  or she sends junk. The customer tries to get back via email or phone and she doesnt return the calls.  If she does get back to you she'll have a long list of excuses.  Stay away.  If the deal sounds to good.........?.    Go to the website "dappered threads"   for reviews
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