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$425 shipping included to CONUS. inquire about other places.
Does anyone have any experience/ideas/genius into shipping a pair of shoes from the US to Australia? Looking for most cost effective. Looks like USPS is coming in near $50-60. Anyone?
I bought these gorgeous Vass shoes and unfortunately they aren't a perfect fit. They are in exceptional condition and I want them to find a new home. What do you guys think is a fair price? Also, can anyone identify the model? They include the Vass shoe trees.
I've noticed a recurring theme every time I ask for an opinion on here. I posted a pair of JM Weston's a while back and received very low opinions of value, some saying they were near worthless. A week later I posted them on eBay and got a very full price, far beyond any of the responses I got on here. I'm hoping for a similar outcome here with this piece. We'll know in a few days. I'll report back my results.
About why I'd estimate a higher price. The material (100% Vicuna) and the designer (Valentino) would lead me to believe it's worth more. Also, while taking measurements earlier I flipped the label over an found the price tag. I have attached the image of the price tag of $7,500.  Here are the measurements I just took of the jacket. Chest pit to pit: 22.5" Shoulder 18.5" across Length 30.25" Sleeve shoulder to middle end point of cuff 23.5"
Why would you estimate such a low value? I just realized I forgot to include the main picture of the actual jacket! See attached photo here.
Typo. I can't speak to its provenance.
I can speak to its provenance. It was a lucky find for me. The jacket is in perfect condition. Unfortunately it isn't a great fit on me so ill likely sell it. What do you think a fair price is ?
I recently came across a 100% Vicuna Jacket by Valentino. I am looking at prices for Vicuna jackets online and realize this jacket is very valuable. Does anyone know how I can find a value for this? I have attached three pictures.    
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