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  From talking to several people, it's starting to appear the different model numbers may have different cuts, and that the measurements on the website don't reflect this. Further, the measurements for unwashed vs. cold wash, hang/lay flat vs cold wash, hot dry tend to differ, with slight shrinkage usually noticed after a cold wash, and slimming and shortening noticed after a hot dry.  I went ahead and ordered a few different model linen shirts during the present...
  So given your experience, do you think it's worth it to order TTS, then try to shrink it down to a reasonable fit?
Wow, it sounds like it shrunk to -0.5" in the chest compared to their measurement, gained +0.5 to the sleeve, and shrunk 2" to match their alleged back measurement. So they were way off. Did you buy it 2012-2013? In the U.S.?   Edit: the waist and length shrinkage sounds like a win especially.
  How did you launder it?   Also, did it shrink in the shoulders and sleeves? I'm getting really mixed responses to sleeve length, and I'm of slim build, but my wingspan is huge.   If you still have it and could measure the chest, shoulders, and sleeves, I'd be grateful for all the help.
Wonderful! That helps a lot. Thank you.   Now does anyone have the Small to measure?
Anyone with the current model premium linen shirt in size Small or Medium willing to post the shoulder-to-shoulder, pit-to-pit, and shoulder seam to sleeve measurements? With all the talk about the site measurements being wrong, I'm holding back on pulling the trigger, and the sale ends on Sunday. Also, can you confirm/refute the claim from a couple pages back that they shrink a ton? Even in cold wash, hang dry? Thanks much.
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What are the washing instructions? Dry clean? Machine? Wipe down only?
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