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Try these guys, they seem to go for the frankentweed. http://www.dashingtweeds.co.uk/
I hope it was mostly because of the quality: half canvassing does not a bad suit jacket make, it's a compromise that many bespoke makers offer as an entry point and if well implemented is virtually impossible to tell from fully canvassed.
I would definitely be concerned about the handle attachment points, that bag is more a darwinian dodo than a goose.
I always remove chicago screws by gripping the non-slotted part with a good snub nosed pliers. Make sure the pliers are perfectly vertical in relation to the screw so that the grips hold both edges firmly - you'll have to push into the leather to get a purchase. I've done this often as I've made various simple belts and straps using blue loctite to hold things together and subsequently changing my mind.
Is that a still from a security camera?
I need a pic. I keep seeing Wile E. Coyote and a portable hole.
shit bike used to promote expensive bag
I really like the http://www.chapmanbags.com/men/officers-ipad-bag.html approach to waterproofing. They bond the canvas to a waterproof membrane and so allow the it to retain a natural and more refined look than waxing. The above example was just a quick pick based on your preferred dimensions, but it might be worth your while to peruse the site. They do custom too.
I just measured my chinos and denim - both marked 33, both are 16 3/4.
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