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Ok, thanks.
I don't know if it correlates or not, but when working with wood one often gets feathering too. Soaking, drying and sanding a few times gets rid of it in that context. Don't try this at home.     But, try this at home.     kidding         maybe
Keeping in mind that I'm into my 2nd week/6th wearing of these boots, I've obviously a long way to go and am not feeling impatient about the break in period. I don't know if weight of the wearer has a bearing (heh) on the break in, but I'm a relatively feathery 145 lbs, so that may play a part too. 
I would think that the oil finish leathers would break in sooner than the others by virtue of their being saturated through with preserving oils, though I have no direct experience of this. 16 hours a day! You are a hard man, I just wear my White's at work every second day or so, with this just being my second week of doing so. They get more comfortable walking in after about 15 minutes, unfortunately I drive for a living and am in and out of a van all day, so...
^^ How many times have you worn them? I have a feeling that you'll eventually lose those stray threads, though I've no idea how soon. I've read about the fuzziness of some new Gustins, though usually in a positive context. 
Depends on the denim used for that model. Gustin even advertises some fuzziness for some of the make-ups.
What is this soft brown dress you speak of? These are like steel moulds for a pair of boots.
Just wore mine for the first time today. Walking around for an hour or so at -6C was no problem, though it was sunny with light winds. Rise is fine, though I don't tuck my shirts in as often as some. They're truly comfortable and I hope they hold up alright. They are ego-sized though; I'm a solid 33 and the 32s after washing are an easy fit.
Brown Dress Leather
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