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That ^ is very close in pattern to the one above it.   Patches should only be applied if required. I recently had some put on an old Pendleton shirt whose elbows had worn out - good for another 100,000 miles.
There was some discussion of it a few pages back - I think basically the extra bulk of the coats jump them into a more expensive category.
Ah, sorry, was looking at the heather grey.No duty on US made goods, though the GST/PST will hurt.If it's sent by courier and you "clear your own" you'll escape some of the financial pain, but it takes a little running back and forth between the courier and CBSA. 
^ Says 14 oz in the description.
Loads ok for me.
If i had enough cash I would branch out into the edgier colourways - I think it only strays into Don Cherry territory with awful cuts and too large patterns.
Yeah, if you follow the retro/leather/cyclo/wooly/curmudgeon trend you'll notice that they've been on the sonar for awhile. Claim to be the missing link between cycling and shooting togs - opinions vary, but they're good fun.
I ended up going to 2 local tailors before I was eventually happy with the fit - it may become expensive (it did for me) but you end up with a jacket that works and is made of materials that can't  be equaled by standard OTR offerings. 
For that style of jacket (Hacking) the length is ok, but yeah, the shoulders and waist need addressing. I have a similar one from Mears, and (strangely or not) it hangs best when all buttons are fastened, it has to do with the (intended) historical use - ie, for when it's cold outside. This is my theory, which is mine.
Nicely worn, ^ and ^^.
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