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soft yet crispy
1st looks tan to me, 2nd looks like a washed out Carhartt (ech), 3rd looks like a Brit khaki, last one looks olive to me.
You might want to google those colours, they're nothing like each other.
I would just get a small flight bag, more along the lines of what Mills makes. I'm getting Island Canvas to make me one out of navy waxed canvas. 
I used to own a pair of IH-634S. Though they were too much for me, the fact that the seams aren't felled doesn't change the fact that the quality of those are well beyond Gustin.
What's your budget?
Yep, Pendletons are right nice, though I wish they hadn't moved their assembly south.
I don't have any of that shit.What we need to see is the models wearing what I wear.Crocs, Birks, NB, Redbacks, Sorels and Whites.Y'know, standard footwear. 
Took me awhile to figure out the pic, looked like some kind of capsule that I wouldn't want to ingest.
pinko realist
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