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^^ Too sad, but such is the free market.
No way! Really?
^^ I need to up my post-age, maybe that'll get me to that level of service.
My tweed jacket is ventless and I have no problems when I sit down. I unbutton it.
Yeah, I would try the eraser first, followed by a dry stiff brush, followed by clear water with said brush, followed by your embracing of the beginnings of wabi sabi on the bag.
Obviously, but when the same pair of jeans cost an extra $30 via UPS because of 'brokerage' fees, many (including me) are willing to go the extra mile - this has happened to me with expensive jeans and other items.  One time I was lucky enough to find that the overland CBSA office had been temporarily closed and though the staff had moved over to the air office, none of their equipment was available and all my fees were waived. CSB
Vents (single or double) make my ass look bigger.Cary Grant wore ventless jackets for the same reason IMO.
Not if you clear your own, it often ends up being cheaper than the post then. There is the inconvenience of having to travel around town between the courier and CBSA though.
Thanks Josh, your clarity is most appreciated.
Note that I said 'usually'. The word from Cody is that the box is the normal packaging for the Chore coat, the envelopes were used when they ran out of boxes - lucky you.
New Posts  All Forums: