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The colour mix sounds like something that would limit your clothing options. black or brown ftw. 
^^ See what flats will do to your legs? We should all be wearing White's.
I don't understand the appeal of a pre-dirtied boot.
I didn't make a request regarding the logo for my SDs - they came without one.
I'm happy to wait for a lower price point.
How about button up shirts that aren't button down?
Ok, thanks.
I don't know if it correlates or not, but when working with wood one often gets feathering too. Soaking, drying and sanding a few times gets rid of it in that context. Don't try this at home.     But, try this at home.     kidding         maybe
Keeping in mind that I'm into my 2nd week/6th wearing of these boots, I've obviously a long way to go and am not feeling impatient about the break in period. I don't know if weight of the wearer has a bearing (heh) on the break in, but I'm a relatively feathery 145 lbs, so that may play a part too. 
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