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I really like the http://www.chapmanbags.com/men/officers-ipad-bag.html approach to waterproofing. They bond the canvas to a waterproof membrane and so allow the it to retain a natural and more refined look than waxing. The above example was just a quick pick based on your preferred dimensions, but it might be worth your while to peruse the site. They do custom too.
I just measured my chinos and denim - both marked 33, both are 16 3/4.
Hm I haven't found that, maybe dependent on the denim - mine is pretty light.
Don't have time to measure at the moment, maybe after work today. Suffice to say I regularly wear and enjoy both my #2 Graphite American Chinos and #116 Light WhiteIDs - both in 33 Slim, my regular size. I wash the chinos every 4-5 wears and the denim every 5-10.
It'll darken over time.Get a pair of boots the exact shade and type and finish and watch them grow old together. 
Mine too, though it doesn't always work to my benefit.
^^ Wouldn't wearing Vs up there in the Alps induce the ague?
Sometime in Feb I believe. Couldn't get over the fit and pattern matching at the last try on.
For a price, a tailor will build anything you want. I've found one (thanks to @velomane) who has made me a beautiful POW check jacket for about $550 that I'll be picking up next weekend. He made a heavier tweed jacket for @velomane that he seems very pleased with. The tailor's name is Giovanni and he has been a pleasure to deal with - highly recommended for any locals.
and character types
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