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Could do worse than Andy Capp.
I'd go with a flat top.
Very smart, a full on texture win there.
That's psychedelic eric! Though the lining also puts me in mind of some dystopian novels.
Hah, no worries.  
That's wierd, styleforum just called me kbuzz.
Both my Gustins, denim and chino, fit me well. They are tagged 33, my waist at the navel measures 33.
I have slims in chinos and denim.The chinos are 7 1/2, the denim is 7 3/8.
^^ Ah cool, I have a pair with the swing, awesome boots though the 269 sole is useless in winter - that's ok though, I probably wouldn't subject them to the copious amounts of salt and sand that they use here anyway.
^ mucho robusto! By the by, that looks like a White's swing last down there.
New Posts  All Forums: