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You say you make some of your products out of "organic bamboo".  So you start out with organically grown bamboo, can you trace and confirm it? It doesn't need pesticides to grow, what about herbicides and chemical fertilizers? In the end it's either Rayon or Viscose, both of which are synthetic - the manufacturing process for these materials is highly toxic and dangerous, especially in parts of the world that supply the vast majority of these materials. 
Interesting, I've never seen such before.
Oh no, merely internal waggling fingers. tsk
Not doing much for the team by wearing that...
I was lucky enough (or otherwise, depending on your finances) to try on the biscuit melange linen Kelly Collar shirt in person at the Cleve Workshops.I was impressed enough to buy the company, but only had enough for the garment.This has to be one of the best finished and (for me) best fitting shirts around, it looks almost as good inside out as it does worn properly.I'm just short of a 36 chest and the XS fits very nicely.Not really tuckable if you wear relatively low...
Try these guys, they seem to go for the frankentweed.
I hope it was mostly because of the quality: half canvassing does not a bad suit jacket make, it's a compromise that many bespoke makers offer as an entry point and if well implemented is virtually impossible to tell from fully canvassed.
I would definitely be concerned about the handle attachment points, that bag is more a darwinian dodo than a goose.
I always remove chicago screws by gripping the non-slotted part with a good snub nosed pliers. Make sure the pliers are perfectly vertical in relation to the screw so that the grips hold both edges firmly - you'll have to push into the leather to get a purchase. I've done this often as I've made various simple belts and straps using blue loctite to hold things together and subsequently changing my mind.
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