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Whoah that sucks, I'm surprised you still support Gustin following your experience.
I'd say for a lining you should go with something that actually insulates a body - wool. Polar fleece and it's derivatives do also, but wool looks and feels better (to me) and is more in keeping with the aesthetic of Gustin - so far anyway.  
To quote a Cadbury™ commercial, "Mona, smile!" Seriously put together. 
People inside the perimeter are no different, I'm an equal opportunity confuser.
You might change your mind after trying my mom's saskatoon berry and rhubarb pie. Or not. You're allowed to be wrong.
And of course to echo Fueco, sharply dressed gentlemen all. 
Off to a wedding?
or Russia Day, if you swing that way
I have a jacket from Mears in 530g, used it as my main coat on holiday in Europe (UK, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and back to UK) in September of last year. Sometimes too warm, especially in Italy, but proved to be very comfortable over most of the trip.
On a related note, hankies from light weight shirt offcuts.
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