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May be offered again - sometimes the chosen cloth will have limited availability or only a few people like the item for the same reasons that you would, or Gustin just wants to move on. But fair enough, life is a gamble and fashion doubly so.
doesn't work that way
... you mean like 30 years from now when it starts to get a little threadbare?
That looks really smart, I just had some moleskin in what looks to be exactly that colour made into a workshirt by a local tailor - a beautiful, durable material.
Whoah that sucks, I'm surprised you still support Gustin following your experience.
I'd say for a lining you should go with something that actually insulates a body - wool. Polar fleece and it's derivatives do also, but wool looks and feels better (to me) and is more in keeping with the aesthetic of Gustin - so far anyway.  
To quote a Cadbury™ commercial, "Mona, smile!" Seriously put together. 
People inside the perimeter are no different, I'm an equal opportunity confuser.
You might change your mind after trying my mom's saskatoon berry and rhubarb pie. Or not. You're allowed to be wrong.
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