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Hah, no worries.  
That's wierd, styleforum just called me kbuzz.
Both my Gustins, denim and chino, fit me well. They are tagged 33, my waist at the navel measures 33.
I have slims in chinos and denim.The chinos are 7 1/2, the denim is 7 3/8.
^^ Ah cool, I have a pair with the swing, awesome boots though the 269 sole is useless in winter - that's ok though, I probably wouldn't subject them to the copious amounts of salt and sand that they use here anyway.
^ mucho robusto! By the by, that looks like a White's swing last down there.
Big dummies everywhere rejoice 
Sorry, I wasn't conflating your opinion with mine, which is more adamant.
A vote from me too, I can't stand button downs
Practically everyone in denimland would disagree with me here, but I think most buy their jeans too tight these days, aiming for the ideal stretch-to-fit magic.
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