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Does anyone have a code for ssense? I have my eye on a pair of Levi's chinos :)
The pockets are flaring out, even in the above pictures, so the pants are too tight up top. That doesn't necessarily mean it's a problem with the waist. In my opinion, the waist looks fine; it's the seat that you need to let out. Once you've done that, you can thin about tapering them more at the bottom, but I think that would be unnecessary... they seem to fall quite nicely as it is. 
Pictures would definitely help with this. Whoever said a shorter jacket could make you look short is absolutely right. A suit jacket will probably always feel a little long if you generally wear more casual clothes. It sounds like you're having a very hard time finding a suit that fits off the rack, so it might be worth investing in a good bespoke suit, made by a tailor that you could actually discuss your preferences with and who would be making the suit for your body...
It's definitely tweed, but may I recommend you shy away from that particular jacket because those pockets look mighty bulky. Even on the model. It will just weigh you down and make you look slouchier than you may wish.
I personally really like Cole Haan. I have quite small feet and they are one of the few nice shoemakers that actually make shoes that fit me. I've had a couple of pairs of their shoes for more than 5 years now, and I wear them regularly. And I think that you can generally find nice looking shoes from them without paying an arm and a leg. 
I think they would look really nice with a good pair of jeans, but would probably steer away from wearing them with slacks since the way the trousers above are falling on them is looking a little off (a bit short for my taste). But, I can see them working really well with a nice pair of selvedge jeans with some good stacks on them :)
Yes! that's certainly the plan :) could you maybe recommend a good place to pick up a pair, since I've been having a little trouble with my google searches... Definitely don't want to spend 300 pounds on a pair of shoes that I'm going to gild myself! Those look pretty cool! I definitely wouldn't mind if my shoes turned out that way, I just know it's going to be a lot of work to even get it looking that good! WOW! thanks so much for this great advice, although it seems...
I'm not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for (it is quite lightweight), but Acne has this parka on sale for 250 on their outlet:
So, having seen the Margiela gold sneakers and fantasizing about them waaaaayyyy too much, I've finally decided that I'm going to try and DIY a pair. I have a fair amount of gold leaf lying around, so I figured I'd use that. I'm just wondering if anyone on here has attempted it before, has any advice, or any ideas about how I should go about it.  Here's the inspiration: I would probably just buy them if they made my size, but my...
Oh my gosh. This. Is. Gorgeous. Not even going to think about how much it must of cost... definitely worth it though.
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