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Schott makes some good ones around that price range
They do have them in suede! As for the lighter leather, perhaps the Carmina's on the Inca last? You can get them through epaulet or the carmina site, they have a gorgeous caramel colored pair.
  @ Cabana Boy-   Depending on how some things fit you off the rack, I would recommend going Made to measure/ semi bespoke for your suits. Start with the navy, as you said, with a medium grey as your next one. From there, dabble in shadow plaids as they are also easily broken up. With a MTM suit you are really barely getting a price bump after buying a decent suit and having it tailored as it is.   I would suggest Reda or Vitale Barberis Canonico to get you started. You...
YES they are even more pointy than that picture in real life. Stay away! Get some Lownde's
Vince is a great brand IMO. My buddy who is 6'5" wears them, but buys them from nordstrom rack for less. He also wore J Crew fairly well, although he would sometimes need to have them tailored. 
well yes, I could go straight to drakes and pay full price 
i just got some brown calf tetburys from robert old! :) I'll likely need the black and the suede... soon...
PS if it were Drakes that would be amazing!
hey fellas any idea where I might be able to get a silk & cashmere scarf like this one i.e. silk on one side and cashmere on the other, of good quality for less than $300? Thanks!
splendid! by how much are we talking?
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