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I can't wait! My guess is they come out early November. Pepe and the crew are meeting with investors right now, partially because they would like to have me help them open up a store here in NYC, so they are busy busy and I have yet to hear back on exact times. As far as suede, it can be tricky, but if it's dark it is OK for the most part I would say. I have the meermin semi brogues on the olfe in dark brown suede, and I wear them as I would any other dark brown shoe. As...
It took me a while to get is perfect, but I now have it fit flawlessly to be honest. If you get the two-ply, it's really all good, no flimsy stuff there. I was actually quite impressed with the way they have fixed some problems for me. If you send a picture with a tape measure showing the wrong measurements, they will send you a new shirt. I've done it. They learn pretty quickly that way.
The man asked for versatility... dub monks have that. I suggested brown semi brogues, black whole cuts, brown dub monks, and then black semi brogues or black dub monks.   dub monks are a lot easier to wear with denim, and the vast majority of ppl in this forum would agree with me they are a good looking shoe. I guess if I were to slightly revise my advice, it would be in this order, by importance:   Brown semi brogues (Suit or jeans) Black Wholecuts(suit or...
WHAT SIZE ARE YOU!?!?!?!?!?!?!
I have about a 10.5" drop (41.5"->31"...uncommon I know, cue the dumb comments but w/e idgaf) and the modern tailor shirts, after some tweaking and a few practice shirts, worked out great. So you should be fine there. 
Just get MTM shirts. The price differential is miniscule and sometimes cheaper. Go check out the thread.
Btw I ended up with some Tetbury's for now, but the carmina balmoral's are coming up next month!
IMO, it kind of goes against the idea of a boot. It doesn't quite look right... the paul stuart ones, for example, just look about a half step too "dandy," even for me.  Although I do think a full brogue shortwing or austerity brogue shortwing works. 
Semi brogue's absolute yes, double monks in brown are listed in the classic and those would be a good substitute for the singles... then your black wholecuts look excellent with a suit, and even with a tuxedo with the proper shine, but they really should not ever be worn with jeans. the other 2 are fine to be worn with jeans (and encouraged!) BTW Meermin charges the same shipping for every 2 pairs of shoes, so might as well go for a 4th... in which case the black dub...
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