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Seconded by the guys at Crockett & jones in NYC. Tom Ford was apparently not pleased.
iPhone 5 coming in 8 days and these pics will get a lot better....hallams, polo, MTM charcoal  holland & sherry by Aksel    meermin, hugo boss, MTM charcoal shadow plaid holland & sherry by Aksel, waiting for new Burberry trench to get tailored on 57th street. and by new Burberry trench I mean the one I got at an outlet for $800 off and brought it to the flagship store acting like a boss that was prettyyyy unwarranted but still felt good.
hey ya i saw that but not in my size
right? i guess oldest....
Although I like those carminas with the pebble grain soooooo much more.
OUTSTANDING!  How does septieme largeur fit in comparison to carmina's or C&J's? Would it be about the same?
they are meeting with investors to try and really get things moving, so it will likely be a bit.
They don't have mine either :/ Anywhere else you can buy good balmoral boots for sub $500 out there? Apparently they are going to restock my size (7UK) in the cordovan one but I want the calf  with the pebble grain with the rubber sole.... hopefully meermin gets it soon!
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