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   and the Tetbury's are on their way.... Idk how to un-invert it. left most shelf bottom to top is Carmina Burgundy shell full brogue short wings, C&J hallams, black carmina calf short wings, then carmina semi-brogue "ellison" from epaulet, brown C&J lowndes, brown suede semi brogues from meermin, then meermin single monks, meermin tassel loafers
is there a thread anywhere about septieme largeur? I am having trouble finding anything and I am curious about sizing and value.
I have spent $3,000 on Carminas, C&J, & Meermins, not to mention some $300 on socks, since seeing this thread. 
Meermin - see the thread
Uniqlo makes a great thin one for sub $50
Haha I just realized it is inverted, oops!
chukkas, derby boots, or something like a duck boot to work with "real" shoes in your bag
I use slat wall, wonderfully customizable as my collection grows. Above this are polos, sweaters, and some wicker baskets of pocket squares, which will get moved as I buy more shoes. I keep the shoe bags underneath them. "holy shit"
Thank you, I will!
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