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I saw those at the C&J store in NYC as well, beautiful shoe. btw, where is that picture from?
Carmina's are the Sh*t
actually it my be a screw but point is the same
what kind of shoes r they tho? I like
On his left foot is an F... thus stating if you don't like my shoes, please, follow their instructions and f yourself, because IDGAF.  Asshole tho he may be, Lord Disick has got some serious bespoke steez.
FTW. if you do venture, be sure to let us know!
Banana republic makes some good ones, and saks red or black label (can be found in store and for a steep discount at the outlets as well) are also good value for the money at under that price. the saks black label has a 100% cashmere one for about $800
get yourself the white cotton or linen one. IMO it makes you look like you're paying closer attention to have something there. Before long you will be more comfortable with them and get something more interesting
deets on these shoes? I likeeee
thank you!
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