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tie knots used: in Q of S is that a half windsor? I feel like it must be with that symmetry. In skyfall it may very well be a 4 in hand but they r so fuckin small it doesn't matter. As I am not a fan of anything but a sprezzed out 4 in hand for myself, I'm curious if any SFer's know if the 4 in hand doesn't have the prevalence in british style?
btw- that suit is a brioni, everything in casino royale was.
thanks for your input, kindly gtfo.
the second look is, relatively speaking generic, and could be pulled off without model looks. 
oh! haha whoopsssss. I thought it came out on the 9th! Didn't realize it had the rolling release date!
agreed on the suede. A chukka in calf, however, can work out quite well. For example, Daniel craig wearing the Crockett Jones tetbury in Skyfall
for your height you could go a bit wider, anywhere between 3.25 and 3.5", and up to 4" for a peak lapel.
I couldn't agree more with you all that the skinny lapels/tie are so non Bond. QofS suits were excellent- not exactly the uber wide lapels of Tom Ford, but a classic (what looked like 3.5") width which will never be out of style.    In regards to the fit, I think it would be prudent to wait until the movie actually comes out, no? some shots obviously show the bowing of the lapels yes, but any trim suit will swiftly do that with a lot of movement. in the first shot...
can anyone help me with sizing for maison martin margiela sneakers? I wear an 8 in vans classics, 10 in creative recreation, 9 in nike free, 7 uk in crockett & jones, carmina and meermin. if anyone knows it would be much appreciated, or if i could be directed to the appropriate thread
Seconded. as long as it's trim, you'll be looking great.
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