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I think Prada. Shirt is.
Ya you're right clothes in movies have nothing to do with being a costume and not just for advertising. Retard.
So just saw Skyfall last night, as I wanted to reserve judgement until that time, and despite it being the best Bond I have seen, the suiting truly was awful.   I happen to believe the Tom Ford Suits in Q of S were perfect- impeccable fit, no pulling but very trim, and not overly done up TF stuff (lapels and tie blades just < 4") they were, however, excellent for the brand, and showed a classic look with a modern tailoring. To make a comparison, tux to tux, I must...
really? looks narrower than that. OK tho
Actually Pepe didn't say, but i believe it's the olfe
in regards to the balmoral boots... those are not an MTO, but rather the first showing of what will be a RTW shoe. they are finishing it up as we speak, and we'll see it in a few months!
meermins coming!!!!    
ahhhhhhh sshhhhhiiiiitttttt  look what Pepe sent....    
the, uhh, pocket square is nice.... Jesus. How does Ford let something like this go?
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