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Using Tom Ford himself or Daniel Craig in Quantum of Solace are really not good examples of how TF must fit off the rack, as they both clearly only wear bespoke. In fact, Craig is quoted as having "nearly cried" or something along those lines because he ruined some 40 bespoke suits during the filming of the movie.    Out of curiosity, as TF uses Zegna fabrics, for someone who frequents this forum I don't see how you wouldn't want to just go bespoke at another bespoke...
I have recently been very disappointed with some non-name-brand fabrics "super 1-yadda yadda" i purchased a year ago for some made to measure suits that now look pretty terrible.    I have since purchased two, one of vitale barberis canonico, the other reda. we'll see about their wear going forward, but I was curious what other forum members have had a positive experience with. options woud be loro piana, dormeiul, scabal, zegna, etc. Thanks
Corthay is beautiful as well, but also up there over the $1,000 price tag (at Leffot, the only spot I know here in NYC that you can get them) is there anything in between? I'm looking for a shoe at the $400 price point of good value, a $500, $600, $700 I think is all about Crockett & Jones Hand grade, then above that might as well get some Lobb's, Corthay's, or G & G's. So I guess I am asking for recommendations somewhere in between $300 and $700. A lot of good info...
What do you mean by VAT discount?
gauss17 good point... i guess to remove that variable, keep it with non-cordovan, and that list is very informative, thank you- snedley you are absolutely right that fit is important, but that aside my question is basically a quality one. i.e. this shoe is the same quality at this one, but this is $200 more, etc. and by quality i mean construction and longevity (with proper rotation, of course)
Also, if anyone has suggestions for someone in NYC as to where to get these shoes at a lesser price (century 21? Nordstrom rack? websites?) That would be great. Also, keep in mind that I much prefer the narrower, more fashion forward last-- Allen Edmonds, while inexpensive and well made, is not exactly sexy
Can anyone make some suggestions going down the line in price? As a longtime reader, Gaziano and Girling (Edward Green, Alfred Sargent, John Lobb, etc) would likely be at the top at a $1,200 price range, crockett and jones somewhere around that $700 mark, and so on to allen edmonds at about $300. Obviously there's some range in between... I.E. how about Ferragamo Lavorazione originale at about $600? To boot new york's upper range at $400? etc etc.    
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