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thanks so much fellas that helps a ton. great pictures too!!!!
perfect, thanks so much fellas
hey, does anyone own a C&J 348 lasted shoe that could compare it to a new rey last with some pictures? I love the one comparing the 348 to the Hiro, anything like that would be amazing. Thanks in advance fellas, I'm looking to get me some of them suede derbys.
thank you- gotta love the orange. killed with the knit orange tie too
To Boot New Yrok Double monks, lorenzo uomo, reda MTM
 Allen Edmonds Strand (which I am really not that crazy about) Polo, Vitale Barberis Canonico MTM
  Ferragamo, marcoliani, vitale barberis canonico MTM
  Ferragamo, marcoliani, vitale barberis canonico MTM
perhaps i had been misinformed, but i do believe that the madison ave shop does full bespoke. i will swing by this weekend and ask
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