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Gents,   I am curious if some people could help me out as I search for a deal on eBay to upgrade my overall shoe game.   I wear a 7E UK in Crockett & Jones, amongst a few lasts, and a 7F UK in Church's custom grade. I also wear a 7UK in Meermin's classic line.   I am curious about my sizing in John Lobb, Edward Green, and Vass as well. If anyone could make a suggestion for those, it would be much appreciated. If it is as simple as (for the most part) wearing...
Hi! So I recently bought myself a pair of Crockett & Jones Drummonds at the boutique here in Manhattan. I didn't quite get the sizing right this time, and these are just a hair too big. My heel keeps slipping out. I have BARELY worn these shoes, maybe 5, 6 times total, just to be sure I wasn't overthinking it and they really did not fit. I bought some 7 UK hallams and Lowndes, and they fit flawlessly.    I would not be listing them so high if not for the honest to...
i see no one talking about the loafers... has ANYONE tried those? particularly the tassel ones?
Vitale Barberis Canonico MTM suit. Polo Socks. C&J Drummond. INterestingly enough, these drummonds are actually 1/2 size too big for me.... they are UK 7.5, maiden voyage with C&J, got some Hallam's in a 7 fit better.... if anyone is interested, they have been worn 6 times. Bought in New York for about $600 about 3 weeks ago.... PM me with an offer, considering the sale! 
unbuckle that top buckle for a little sprezzatura with the khakis!
unbuckle that top buckle for a little sprezzatura with the khakis !
so a picture from directly above would b ideal!
follow up... thinking of the tassel loafers as well... anyone got a shot of those? I can't tell how big/round they are... might be a little much for my tastes.
thanks so much fellas that helps a ton. great pictures too!!!!
perfect, thanks so much fellas
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