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Amazing. That is great news they look just as good as something 4 times the price after that long!!!!!!
Just what I have been looking for... about how long have you had these?
UPDATE:  Sandro took amazing care of me! made all the problems go away for my next order!
Good point. I may have acted in haste. 
For those of you who have had a pair of these for some time now... I assume someone out there has to have had a pair for about 6 months at least now... how are they holding up? 
alright alright sorry! pics to come soon as they arrive!
also anything on loake to C&J?
hmm OK. how about CJ 348 last to EG 888? also .5 sizes up?
hey how long does it usually take after payment of an in-stock item to ship? Paid yesterday, just curious. I'm sure this has been asked but just to save me from searching through it thanks!
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