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Also, if anyone has a comparable picture with the Ama Last, that would be great! Thanks in advance fellas
Wanted to bring this back up real quick... I am finalizing my MTO Order with Pepe, and I am trying to decide between the New Rey and the Ama. How much narrower is the new rey compared to the 348? I saw that measurement you had for the length being slightly shorter, but I am curious as to the width as well. If you could give me a quick measurement (I am a half size below you but I think I will be OK) that would be amazing. Thank you!!!
      Crap photos I know they look so much better in real life!!!!
My tassel loafers arrived today and they are AMAZING. I love them. MTO wingtip balmorals in the dark brown shell cordovan up next!!!!! 
OK great thanks fellas. I have been using all split toe, but it looks like I can stick with it! Thanks.
go with the tassel loafers... it can look great on a younger guy with a look not dissimilar to what these guys do.... http://les-freres-jo.blogspot.co.uk/    check out some of the pictures there and you can def make that work. I bought those tassel loafers specifically for a look like that. Should be in on Monday!!!
OK, I couldn't quite get a grip on it but maybe with some finer nosed pliers. I'll let you know how it goes!
How's it going.... i have a few belts i would like to do this too, but I can't get any torque on the screw and it just spins in place. Any ideas?
hey gents good thread going here... i was curious of the forum's opinion on split-toe shoe trees vs full one-piece shoe trees. i.e. http://cedarville.strongerweb.com/p-107-mens-washburn-shoe-tree.aspx   vs   http://cedarville.strongerweb.com/p-13-mens-ultra-shoe-tree.aspx   is one necessarily better than the other? I am starting to buy more expensive shoes (crockett & jones for the most part) and I don't want them going to sh*t because I don't have good...
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