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I'M IN!!!!!
THOSE ARE PURRTY.   Next order, after the black single monks and the brown suede semi brogues... which are scheduled to be in tomorrow... are these in the black.
OK- I spoke with the lady from fedex on the phone and she actually said I wouldn't be getting charged... I will check it out though. I also emailed Luisa, more out of curiosity than anything, as I had been dealing with her on this order, and she told me Sandro was going to be taking care of it.      Meermin customer service FTW again!
What is this business with fedex calling me because they are over $250 when I ordered 2 pairs? I have some sort of form to fill out?
Nice fellas thank you... any help on sizing? I'm a 7 UK in most Crockett & Jones, Carmina, and Meermin. Meermin Linea Maestro I'm a 7.5 UK. I wear an 8.5 in ferragamo as well. Thanks!    Also, what about Santoni? I have heard good things
scroll back some they are in the thread
Oops that's what I meant! Slight miscalculation. I got the brown calf 101381-S on the Ron. 
I got a pair of the tassel loafers in the 7E UK and I also wear a 7E in the 348 (and 341, and 337) of C&J. The loafers are tight to get on, tight to the point a shoe horn almost gets stuck, but once they are on they fit flawlessly. (Which is strange, I know, but somehow works) These are on the Rui last, I am EXTREMELY satisfied with them.
Love these. Have my black single monks and my suede brogue captoes EN-ROUTE!
meermin, au natural, Bonobos
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