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I feel like there needs to be one of these... There's a serious bespoke shoe one, nothing for the wonders of the suits. Gentlemen, get to it.
with a white or light blue shirt, you could literally pick just about any tie as long as it's not black.   With a lavender or pink shirt, you could also have a good selection, but something closer to either the pink or lavender would work best. I.E. Lavender shirt, dark purple tie, with a navy suit,  good looking brogue and a contrasting pocket square, perhaps a light blue paisley or polka dot, would be excellent and would be my choice in a fall or winter situation Match...
Hah! I am gettin there!  Suggestions for the rookie?   Went with Meermin suede semi brogues today, lime green polo socks, and reda charcoal pinstripe today. flash screwed up the sock color a bit, they are the color closer to the heel. flawless match to a Ted Baker tie I picked up.    
This is a Gorgeous $3,000.00 Fully bespoke tuxedo made by Michael Andrews Bespoke in New York City. Michael Andrews is known as some of the very best in the city of Manhattan, which puts it on par with several of the shops along Savile Row. This is part of their "Ultimo" line.   I like this Tuxedo, but I have decided that while it is beautiful and flawlessly made, I don't currently have enough events in my life to warrant its use. I wore this to ONE dinner event a...
Honestly, I completely disagree. Depends on the level thereof. I have a tuxedo I bought at Michael Andrew's bespoke, which is warranted as some of the very best in NYC, and honestly it does not fit/look better than my 1/2 dozen or so MTM suits.   As long as you are going full canvas, with good fabric (nothing below vitale barberis canonico/reda level, preferably at the holland & sherry/dormeuil/scabal or upper holland & sherry/zegna) and you go to a good MTM/semi-bespoke...
Shadow plaids are an excellent choice. You can easily break them up, just as you would a solid, but you get a little more personality. That way, you get two in one basically.
Decisions, decisions....
  Not an MTO, just 12153-Y in the dark brown rapello suede. wore them for the first time yesterday. They are a 7 UK which is pretty consistent... C&J, carmina, etc
I just bought the semi brogue version of this on the olfe and I love it.
They certainly are- shame that these ones don't fit! 
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