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I emailed the store trying to order a pair of northcote's, and haven't heard anything in 4 days. should i call?
the construction of a cole haan shoe as well as the quality of the leather really is sub par. For a bargain, go meermin (see the thread here on SF) or for a step up go carmina or crockett & jones.
if it makes you look like you have man boobs, either be honest and do a few more push ups, (no shame bro) or just don't wear those brands. that's pretty self explanatory.   underwear under skinny clothes, if you don't want to go full briefs (who does) i would suggest the "trunks" style, it's a bit of a shorter leg and trimmer cut. I recently was turned onto "bottoms out" which you can get via amazon for about $6 a pair. can't go wrong there.    if you want the cuff to...
Yes that shape is acceptable, but to be honest if you paid over $100 for those cole haan's they aren't worth it.
I measure a size 9-9.5 US, so it may very well be that they do. Would you like to measure the length and width of the shoe that fits you best and we could compare?
i would say toe box and waist are 110-115% of the Rain, and the heel is 120% of it.
the rain is definitely smaller than the Ama- the rain fits my foot like it's bespoke for me, while the Ama has way too much room! Particularly in the heel
right? I love em. Thank you! Can't wait.
 MTO Update :D
the costume designer was saying that the shirt is,  a GQ  article.... she said that she dressed him that way to look like he was trying to impress Bond, vis a vis the flirting he does with him etc etc. I suppose prada works for that.
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