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^ exactly. I did not want nor do I ever want to see u put anything on a mannequin again. I don't think there is a faster way to get me or anyone else reading this to never buy from you... Ever
Less Simple... Ferragamo, polo, mtm blue shadow plaid
Simple, classic... Carmina Handgrade for Epaulet, Lorenzo Uomo, Holland & Sherry Bespoke by Aksel Bespoke... my favorite tailor in all of NYC
The Tux...       The only bespoke one I own, the rest are all MTM/semi bespoke, and this one is perrty but not that much more the the MTM's, in fact some of them look and fit better than this one!   BTW, if you like this it's for sale.... not enough chances to tux it in my life right now!
SUPER stiff. Takes a solid half dozen wears before they are even halfway to breaking in, I am still breaking in my tassel loafers from almost a month ago.  I think this is a good sign, except for my black single monks on the Ama, which has too much room in the heel for me. In fact, I'll be posting them for sale if any1 is interested!
      I am having this exact shoe made, but on the olfe. dark brown cordovan, initials in nails on the waist, overall BAMF status.
this weekend good sir! I wanted to see what I was up against!
ahh good news! I didn't know if it was an MTO that they still had pics of, as they sent me something comparable for my MTO order. Veryyy nice for my steez, less nice for my wallet.
DEETS IMMEDIATELY! Is this available now????
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