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OK, thanks!
OK, got ya. But a Jodphur would not look out of place per se with a suit or slacks, no?
It's a Saks suit that uses Zegna fabric. Far as I can tell, they are half canvas, and usually excellent for the money. I had great success with some of their Loro Piana ones in the past, before I went all MTM. do NOT pay more than $400 for it, and you can sometimes get lucky and find them for about $325 - $350 if you buy 2 at, for example, the off 5th in Wrentham MA, which I would haunt when I lived there.
which will look better with denim, balmoral boots or jodphurs? I need a pair of boots mostly for wear with suits and slacks with odd jackets, which either would work with, but I am curious what people think about the versatility of each. I'm leaning towards jodphur now.
IMO lambswool is gonna last you loner, merino can lose its shape fairly quickly and will pill easier. hence the price difference. but you could always buy 2 colors in merino, etc etc
yes I saw those... they looked awesome, also part of the reason why I am leaning that way. Meermin MTO's... they didn't have the rubber tho, I saw he had leather soles with the flush steel toe tap. Namor, your thoughts?
haha i better get to work! I would rather get a pair of RTW ones at this point, although I just might have to go MTO to satisfy myself. I am thinking of gettin either some balmoral boots or jodphur's for wear with suits in foulish weather. for those of you who may have both, which has more versatility? I.e. they can both be worn with a suit certainly, but which doesn't look out of place with slacks and the odd trouser, or perhaps some selvedge denim? If I go MTO I'm...
nvm those are your yolo ones right
Hold on are these the meermin ones or are these carmina? it says carmina on top but meermin in the description... just to clarify, cuz those look awesome and i may just get me a pair.
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