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Happy to help!
Yes fully unlined jackets are uncanvassed. if you don't have much to fill out the jacket out (not a problem, just saying) it may not look as good and you may want to get more structure in the jackets, in which case you can get the partially lined ones which will have the canvas in front and be lined there as well, with the lining gone in back.     the durability will not be the same as a fully canvassed one, but it can be nice to not sweat your ass off. i assume that's...
hey the 341 and 348 lasts fit the same right? 
Carmina, polo, naked & famous. this weekend
just go 4 in hand, you'll have a lot more ease of dimple. 4 in hand is really my go-to I never tie anything other than that
what do you mean no, that's beckham if I'm not mistaken, and I have seen almost that exact jacket in the windows on 5th avenue so... ya.
hopefully nowhere that thing is fugly.
Splendid! Thanks fellas. As far as the balmoral boots go, I'm looking for a 7UK something or other, that I might be able to get online somewhere. Waiting on Meermin to make one up for an MTO, but in the meantime I'm looking for something in shell cordovan for sub $700. is this possible? If so, where to look? eBay obviously but beyond that... looking for a carmina/c&j benchgrade quality type thing. perhaps one step down. 
I would say either Gucci, Belstaff, or I have seen something similar in the window at Zegna (likely Z Zegna)
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