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they are also putting together a "chapel" type double monk strap, with the two buckles sweeping back which will be frikkin sweet
you don't need to spend $900+ on a MTM suit. The fabric quality won't be great, and it will likely be only 1/2 canvas, but you can get one for sub $500.   if you happen to be in NYC, keep your eye on gilt city and groupon and you're likely to find something even better at that price point.   also, a jacket can be shortened, so the 35r can just be tailord
interesting. as you had suggested that jodphurs would be out of place with a suit, but they are so similar to chelseas. just figuring out the nuances.
chelsea's with a suit? or r those just charcoal slacks?
I think that's what I was saying with the 'partially' lined ones. 
check out the meermin ones, or the carmina's or
Don't get them dry cleaned! The dry cleaning is bad for the cotton, and is completely unnecessary! just have them laundered and pressed, it's just as good and it will save the fibers of the shirt!
I meant the 341 fits a hair smaller, oops
yes true, so the 348 fits a hair smaller then?
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