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THIS STORE IS AMAZING. My wallet hates you right now.
absolutely. Pepe and I speak a lot because I am helping them with their business potentially opening up a store here in NYC, so I'll let you know!
ps how big of a cuff is that? I have recently received another of my holland & sherry MTM's  with a 1.5" cuff but those look bigger
No news... it's killin me! those are awesome though... can you order from them, have them ship to you? that would be amazing!
Hey fellas so I bought these meermin single monks on the ama, wore them once, and my heel just didn't fit tight enough at all. so as opposed to trying to break them in, you can now get them for a steal! I added an extra hole professionally on the strap to have them be a little tighter as well. I literally walked 15 minutes to work one day, took them off and never wore them again! 
are lasted shoe trees necessary? I have been using generic cedar shoe trees, purchased for $14 a piece at nordstrom rack. they seem to fit pretty well, but they are obviously not made for the shoes. these are for carmina's and c&j benchgrades
well it has actually since changed to + 100 euro for an MTO, and it is now + 150 euro for the changed last MTO. still tho, i think they could do something like that.
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