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Is it cheaper to order directly from C&J UK than to buy them in store in NYC? Would they even ship here knowing that the store is here? News that Daniel Craig is wearing Tetbury's in Skyfall has jonesing for a pair but $595 + tax in the store is more than I'm in for right now.
ah! I want both! decisions.....
to try and restart... shi* iPhone photo of a gorgeous shadow glenplaid suit of vitale barberis canonico, made by aksel bespoke of NYC,  with a modern tailor spread collar shirt with Thomas Pink cufflinks and Eredi Pisano tieWearing Carmina ellison's of the epaulet handgrade line as well, which worked beautifuly,
medium grey is fine any time of the year, only lighter greys are really "only" summer colors. and even then, there are ways to make it work in the fall/winter, particularly if broken up and worn with darker colors.
"flared denim boot cut jeans" and "running shoes that go well with denim" are really two phrases that really have no business here, not gonna lie. you have some learning to do grasshopper.   a tip: burn any boot cut jeans, or have them tailored to be straight fit.   if you MUST wear running shoes with sneakers, New Balance 574, asics onitsuka tigers, or some adidas originals actually can work quite well. Some uber-fashiony types have also been known to wear nike frees as...
meh, sometimes 6 days a week if I'm really trying to look fresh
OK Fellas give me the deal. I am torn between the pebble grain and calf balmoral boots pictured above, and these chukkas   I think I can wear the chukkas with a suit and they will work with jeans as well and everything in between. I have some beat up chukkas now as well, which I can rock with jeans and in between (but not a suit) because when I do wear them with jeans, it's typically to go out in places dark enough...
the Ama is wider than the Ron by a bit. I have shoes in both, and the Ron fits and the Ama is too wide. I think that the Rui is a hair wider than the ron but likely by about the same amount as the Ama (see below, that's why they are for sale!) I love the Ron tassel loafers, actually wearing them right now!
"what shoes are you wearing today?" "I'll be matching them to my centerpiece"   When I can have the conversation that gentlemen must have had before picking those out this morning, I am fairly sure that will mean I made it.
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