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MTO's arrived  yesterday. FUCKIN AWESOME.
Nvm got em
OK, Sandro or Pepe? Also, do any of you know how to do it? What a pain in the ass this is, shouldn't it already be done for us beforehand?
wtf is this shit i have to fill out because of the shoe trees? what a pain in the ass
the olfe actually! they really r gorgeous, i am so happy with my choice! thanks for the love
yeah! they are the same shoe actually- as he said, just before/after finishing!
serious boner for my MTO's....        
Ya exactly. 365 pounds- vat + 40 pounds shipping comes to about $550 USD, and they were $650. the guy hooked me up because I'm originally from MA and he nixed the tax by using my MA ID
I just went to the C&J boutique in manhattan. overall price difference was a hundred i just couldn't b bothered. Love the shoes tho. I'm gonna have everything they make on the 348 i swear. already have lowndes, hallam, and tetbury.
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