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I always questioning TAG. but I've seen a Rolex that have its crystal damaged by dog's tooth (literally)   If its synthetic crystal (like the othe TUDOR or ORIENT had), there's a paste to remove the scratch, makes it pristine again like baby butt   I afraid in case of your Carrera, you'll have to replace it with a new one. or better yet, contact nearest watch store near you. watch store usually had an expert that could fix things (but I dont know with your Carrera)
I got something that cross my mind, and that makes me grin   try not to combine a hat with a coat. that rarely match, a fedora *sometimes* will match, though
I would pick a light blue shirt, off white jacket with white trouser to match   no tie :fonz:
very short thread   well, I think most of 'sport' lines of Rolex would stand the apocalypse, still I take my bet on SubC with black bezel
I never wear a hat, but I think I want some of French-looking hats 
hello :) my name Reinhard from Den Haag :D   I wish to improve my knowledge and innovation in suit making :) I have excellency in the art of suit making, so if you want a great luxury suit with more acceptable price, let me  know ;) I could give a luxurious suit with best materials available, bespoke for you (or not, if you desire so). I could tell you what's you need (style, colours, and so on) lets say a consultant when comes to fashion :D    feel free to...
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