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I think it also depended on the fabric that you use. some fabric tend to lose its shape, like wrinkled or so   but wool most likely to retain its shape over time
someone like Goebbels   its need a great man to make one country obey like an automaton
when I cant find a single Heineken in store and they offers me to take Carlsberg instead 
  the toughest of all Rolex       I never knew that SubC could do looks good with leather strap...   no one want to have skydweller? 
yellow greenish suede? chinos will do. suit? no
not my taste. John Lobb (most of the time) are good, but this? no
its so strange, even to me. either the store is trolling with you. or you're trolling
    sea dweller is top-heavy, btw     Milgaus... so classy choice
          ah thanks. I mean the acrylic ones.
I always questioning TAG. but I've seen a Rolex that have its crystal damaged by dog's tooth (literally)   If its synthetic crystal (like the othe TUDOR or ORIENT had), there's a paste to remove the scratch, makes it pristine again like baby butt   I afraid in case of your Carrera, you'll have to replace it with a new one. or better yet, contact nearest watch store near you. watch store usually had an expert that could fix things (but I dont know with your Carrera)
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