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that photo is just gros   should go check my shoes 
I just own one, because I saw little need to have two. even so, I think this is one of my best beater if I dont get my black ones ready navy suit could easily combined with white shirt and red tie, my favourite scheme of colour
I personally accept the pale blue shirt with those tie. but I dont like it   I mean its nice looking tie (eventhough I much prefer a darker red, IMO), but it looks weird, maybe because I rarely sees that combination   FYI, I wear Gold shirt (yes, Gold like Gold) and I feel fine. so go ahead if you think its good
Brown Tie? I didnt know... I mostly pairing my navy suit with Crimson Red Tie or Pigeon blood Red Tie and white shirt, considering Navy suit somewhat a bit tricky when need to be matched with other colours   but hey, its just me and my preference
      there's a two different things between 'like the brand' or 'using the brand'   when you like it, you'll buy it because quality or the technology of reversible leather when you're using it, you buy because people will say that you're rich enough to have big H   v v v         +1. there's a trend for people to buy 'H' lines because they want to be known that they're able to buy one, the other lines, lesser known are not favoured because... people will not recognize it...
    mil = military. NATO straps first used by the military for cheap but tough strap alternatives (who want to wear alligator strap to jungle into the mud anyway)   Rolex Sub used to be one of the watches that make NATO strap famous, being used by British Military. nowadays, we could see Luminox (and some other military themed watch) that feature NATO
    I think its just natural when you're having something that we consider as a masterpiece in our life, and behave like 'blown life savings'. its like a guy who appears to be able to buy a Rolex or Patek Philippe for the first time, an euphoria   Hermes have successfully transform itself into a status symbol, hence their price elevated at such into a level that they shall be acknowledged as a status symbol. if they sells it for £30, Hermes will lost their status symbol...
the dresswatch-looks alike nature of Explorer I makes it looks better with a strap. and most watches looks elegant with those leathers. but remember that Explorer is a sport watch, might find better way with bracelet or rubber (or NATO) strap   NATO strap had a tendency of mil-wannabe looks that might not what you want on your watches. its tough and you could use it anywhere (leather might not be a good companion when meet waters). FYI, not all NATO straps are...
Hermes make great belts. but the Big 'H', speaks douchebag like no other
      and come with a braced legs. I used to call him Dwarfminator   GB peoples still think that she's sucks  Bigot propagandists + unthinking masses = a great bigotry nation    
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