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I like my formal shirt to be untucked, but I need to make sure that it's on a blonde girl with 35c 
that, is an exception charcoal grey will match with almost anything. I even think to match it with purplePO, have you ever thought that maybe the problem is the tie itself, sometimes bad tie could makes entire appearance ruined. I've ever wear one of those Harrods tie, come in yellow with little dogs on it. nothing comes good from the people
    what are you trying to say, actually?
dark charcoal would fit with almost any colour, IMO. still, green probably not really a touch with it.    FYI, I dont like anything green
I dont believe that, personally. I mean that's too bizarre even to think about   here's another source http://english.alarabiya.net/articles/2012/04/25/210198.html   I, for personal preference think that this is pure political move and have nothing to do with Egyptian nor Religion
that photo is just gros   should go check my shoes 
I just own one, because I saw little need to have two. even so, I think this is one of my best beater if I dont get my black ones ready navy suit could easily combined with white shirt and red tie, my favourite scheme of colour
I personally accept the pale blue shirt with those tie. but I dont like it   I mean its nice looking tie (eventhough I much prefer a darker red, IMO), but it looks weird, maybe because I rarely sees that combination   FYI, I wear Gold shirt (yes, Gold like Gold) and I feel fine. so go ahead if you think its good
Brown Tie? I didnt know... I mostly pairing my navy suit with Crimson Red Tie or Pigeon blood Red Tie and white shirt, considering Navy suit somewhat a bit tricky when need to be matched with other colours   but hey, its just me and my preference
      there's a two different things between 'like the brand' or 'using the brand'   when you like it, you'll buy it because quality or the technology of reversible leather when you're using it, you buy because people will say that you're rich enough to have big H   v v v         +1. there's a trend for people to buy 'H' lines because they want to be known that they're able to buy one, the other lines, lesser known are not favoured because... people will not recognize it...
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