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Enjoying some Flores coffee by now
Havana club isn't made in Cuba? well... at least I'm lucky to haven't bought it and get bacardi instead
linen is good choice with soft colour (I think about ivory or white), a summer sport coat in pattern could be a nice touch if you can pull it off
 SUUNTO; they have that iconic 'form follows function' looks, like IKEA furniture G-Shock is obvious choice - but they have sooo many models and not all are available in certain countries. I would say that Frogman is one of the best choice for versatility
Trying an Indonesian wheat bear called 'Stark'
+1 this   and stay away from Audi. I dont know where exactly you live, but in EU that budget would include Audi A4   Audi A4 most of the times comes in a package with electrical problem
180 cm, quite average for European man, I think
I would like to say that my experience in eBay is somewhat nice.   just remember that sometimes when its too good to be true, it is
I know sometimes its all about personal preference, but white all day is boring
posting a picture of a flower I'd given to her yesterday inside a 'vase' the vase is porcelain toilet she always inappropriately gros
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