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+1 this   and stay away from Audi. I dont know where exactly you live, but in EU that budget would include Audi A4   Audi A4 most of the times comes in a package with electrical problem
180 cm, quite average for European man, I think
I would like to say that my experience in eBay is somewhat nice.   just remember that sometimes when its too good to be true, it is
I know sometimes its all about personal preference, but white all day is boring
posting a picture of a flower I'd given to her yesterday inside a 'vase' the vase is porcelain toilet she always inappropriately gros
check it first phone, wallet. a tissue, a condom
coffee? I like it strong like some civet coffee (yes, I know its a sh*t in a box) and Timor coffee (this one sense a hint of chocolate-like flavours and aroma). some other exotics like Sidikalang Sumatrans with their spiciness just not my favourite
in China people will instantly know that you could spend exactly 5 quid
it looks just good. you want it to looks unshiny? 
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