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I ordered from them once, a pair of G & G, which they claimed was in stock. They took the money at once, and then announced that the delivery time was unfortunately up to six months. I was irritated, as they initially claimed that the shoe was in stock, and canceled my order. That meant that I lost almost 40 £ in foreign exchange loss.   I will never ever order from them again.
My new shoes! Much better than my awful picture.   picture.
Modest Wednesday.
Thank you, some might call it too brave but they are darker than they look on my bad picture. I like them very much.
  Adventurous Tuesday.
[[SPOILER]] Wohooo Elfsberg, amazing shoes. I don't mean to be rude but may I ask, how much did they cost in Swedish krona and how long did it take?Best
Amazing shoes Claes! Where in Stockholm did you order them, how long did it take and what did they cost in SKR? Best
Wicked collection! By far the best I have seen. Ever! Congrats!
No, unfortunately not. I have racing green gables but would love a pair of midnight blue - just like yours.
Amazing. Just amazing shoes!
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