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 If you sir, where truly a british aristocrat, you would be familiar with the necessity of keeping up your clothing, and finding enjoyment in earned patina. Alas it seems not to be.This makes me think, that you are instead imagining yourself to be a recently deceased pop-star? If that is, perhaps you should step outside, and get some sun on your white skin. 
Re-waxing your own Barbour, is one of the only true pleasures in life for a man. Easy too. Give it a try, and you will only need, to send in the jacket for more serious mending.
I am quite sure that this is also how he will wear it, when it is done.
Donate it asap. Buy a Harrington. Still boring, but better.
Old threads gone up in flames like chambray.
Italy being its charming self, I would be a bit cautious over summer periods, and plan my trip as directly as possible.
Yep On your profile page.
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