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Looks exiting - alas the sole makes it a no go for me.
 I don't see a problem, should I? The f-last will per design be longer in toe, and the budapester looks wider at the middlefoot and heel.
I'd always recommend buying up for the boot you prefer. ...and then save up for the other one, so you can buy them next winter ;)     For me, the is something sensible in planning these sort of thing. Make a shoe/boot budget and work within it. I plan and buy one pair of boots in the fall and one pair of shoes in the spring. The way I see it, is that there is something positive in the love of craft and fine footwear - but also in actually then using that...
Would be in on the shell Skye, if I hadn't ordered Cottesmore just this week. Budget and all..
A small price to pay, to look dapper and get compliments from the ladies.
Purdey have a brown grain Coniston version with speed hooks.
Exactly. That detail give the oppertunity to have more relaxed fit, and is one I like very much on my Barbour Bedale.(One could argue that double vents on a coat is for farmer, and have no place in town. Alas in this day, a gentlemen is forced to tolerate such blatant behavior).
You have just described most parties here in Scandinavia around midsummer. A bonfire, alhohol, food, blond women and handsome men, naked bodies in the light summernight.
 I remember you posting about them, but don't recall seing a picture. Would be nice, when you have the time.
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