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Wouldn't one from C&J work? If you'r unsure if they match in color, you could send them an e-mail. http://crockettandjones.com/product/belt-dark-brown-suede
    Ymmv, but I feel that a dark pepple MTO Pembroke would be excessive.
Get your priorites straight Synth. Get of your phone and order another Negroni!
Please refresh my memory on how to subscribe to all of SF pittipittipitti through tags.
I'm not yet a customer. But it could come down to the design and use. Ie. Derby boot vs. Oxford shoe.
Say what?! Is Howl banner in the US? I remember reading a well worn copy, at the local libary when I was in my late teens.
If your only knew how great the fabric and detailing from S.E.H. is irl, then you would know what makes a grown man cry. Serves you right for not kopping at first sight.
Paul, thank you for the insights into your bespeaker journey. Would you care to elaborate a little in your thinking when writing: "It’s really worth trying this tailor as he won’t let you down and represents, according to me, the best value for money I’ve seen on the bespoke market.", as I'm thinking strongly about moving from MTM to bespoke.   This not to pit say Rispense against NSM or SR in a SF war on who's the best, and there can be only one tailor to rule them...
So much win.   The Dundee looks perfect in all it's mutations. Want the black one pretty bad.
New Posts  All Forums: