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FWIW I find shape of R somewhat similar to C&J 325. Rezső confirmed this to me, when I was visiting the store, wearing a pair of Pembrokes. As they say, it is the "English last".
Had a nice visit the store today. Rezső was very helpfull and ran up and down (and around and around) to find stuff that I wanted to see and try for reference. Mr. Vass was there too, but alas he was busy with another costumer, so I didn't have the chance to say hi. Needed small corrections to the heel to narrow it just a bit - so proved the right choice to wait with my orders until I could try the lasts and compare. Ordered a theresianer boot in black grain on vibram. I...
Did you use that for deciding a pair? Still on the fence about a design? Or did you just want to share your shoe size with the internet?
It does look pretty great.Winter is coming, and as far as I understand it, that's no laughing matter if you have to walk around the cold and windy streets of Berlin!  
By the looks of it, his tailor is looking into this in the picture, no? Nothing unusual about that at the first fitting I reckon.
Just admit it, your jelly on that scarf (that makes it both of us).
And that might be something to reconsider. With a Balmoral or Chelsea boot, your returning to a classic look, that is much cleaner looking around the ankels.As you know, on a construction site anything other than a steeltoe shoe/boot should be punished. But anywhere else.. Reconsider.
It did make me steaming mad! What nerve! Next time I will call him dilettante, pull down his fabric books on the floor, and THEN storm out into the street.
So when my tailor marked that up on my cuff at my last visit, I should have told him to stop and not go into such detail?
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