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And that might be something to reconsider. With a Balmoral or Chelsea boot, your returning to a classic look, that is much cleaner looking around the ankels.As you know, on a construction site anything other than a steeltoe shoe/boot should be punished. But anywhere else.. Reconsider.
It did make me steaming mad! What nerve! Next time I will call him dilettante, pull down his fabric books on the floor, and THEN storm out into the street.
So when my tailor marked that up on my cuff at my last visit, I should have told him to stop and not go into such detail?
I'm guessing e-mail, as that is listed at the bottom of their website. info@bntailor.com Best of luck with the commision. I can easily understand your interest.
Carmina. No contest. All depends on your intended use really. When I look at the Mermin, I'm thinking that you're attracted the the sleekness - but if that's what your looking for, the norgewese welt plages it right between a more roughed look and the clean polished City boot. The Carmina is imo much cleaner in a relaxed/rouugh design direction here, with the grain leather etc.
You don't know it? I have been drinking it, for 10 summers minimum.  
Oh? Looks like Dinesen or similar. 1,1,1,2
Returned yesterday, from my first visit with Ripense. Ordered a suit and a shirt, and plan/hope to do one suit pr. year going forward. Not exactly big timing, but moving forward with my wardrobe in a steady pace.   Now this is my first bespoke suit, I choose the always popular and "safe" navy route. No harm in that I guess... :). As indicated by Paul, he certainly has his opinions on styling - but for me they where all reasonable and founded in his vision for his...
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