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The Carson City and MacAdam are live on the website under the Sale & Clearance section.  The Carson City is quite sharp IMO.  
The Black Friday sale shoe list has some models I've never heard of.  In particular the Carson City and MacAdam.   Does anyone have more info on these new styles?   http://issuu.com/code88/docs/black_friday_2013
 I got bourbon Dalton seconds for $199 back in July/August.  That's the lowest I've seen them.
      Here ya go :) 
 I have it in saddle brown and love it.  It especially looks great in a pair of light navy/blue pair of slacks.
PSA: Receive an additional 30% off most AE styles at Amazon using promotion code 30SHOES1.  This offer applies to many other brands too (over $100).
New Webgems are up.  A mixture of holiday-themed and golf shoes.  Not a big fan of this release.    
 Forgot to add pics.  Here they are:  
Cedar shoe trees are $7.50 each at JAB with promotion code SAVE70.  These are the exact same ones sold by AE, just re-branded as JAB.   http://www.josbank.com/menswear/shop/Product_11001_10050_101593   The promotion code works on other shoe care items on the site such as the shoe care kit, cedar shoe rack, and shoe conditioner.
New Posts  All Forums: