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I recognize this is not shoe related, but Roots just released a collection of Horween leather bags.  Figure there's a ton of Horween fans on here so thought I'd share.,default,sc.html
Spotted a nice pair of burgundy shell PAs in 9D up on the Bay from a reputable seller.  Thought I'd share with this "shell loving" group :)
 Agree that Strands are the way to go.  Personally I'd go with them in bourbon instead of walnut.  Don't get me wrong - walnut is an outstanding color and I own a pair of Strands in walnut.  But I feel the bourbon is a more versatile color.
 Yup - got em for $197.  Still can't believe it!
Folks, the Eagle has landed.  My MTO Eagle County has landed.  Couldn't be more pleased!!!!!  Thanks to GOP Shoe Guy for the inspiration.   *2066 BOURBON CALF *TONE ON TONE UPPER STITCHING *BURNISH MORE HEAVILY ON TOES AND HEEL *BLACK SPLIT REVERSE WELT *LEATHER MIDSOLE *TOBY MINI LUG OUTSOLE *BROWN TRANSPARENT EDGE DRESSING   Straight out of the box in darker lighting:     With lighting:    
Got a call from Allison this morning that my MTO bourbon Eagle County is shipping today.  Should receive it this week.  Will post pics when they arrive!
The Hanover in bourbon is available online at Macys for $146.24 using code JANMEN.  Limited sizes available.
 The bourbon Hanover can be had for $195 using that code.
   Yup.  You can view the limited selection on Macy's website.  
PSA: You can apply the Macy's Friends & Family 25% off code "FRIEND" toward their stock of AE.
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