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 The bourbon Hanover can be had for $195 using that code.
   Yup.  You can view the limited selection on Macy's website.  
PSA: You can apply the Macy's Friends & Family 25% off code "FRIEND" toward their stock of AE.
Spotted this interesting variation of the Strand on Shoebuy.  It's called the Rush Street in a golden brown chromexcel.  Might have been a prototype that was canned, or potentially an upcoming release.  Anyway, I'm intrigued.  
   I emailed Allison this morning about this.  Waiting to hear back.
 Allison can offer us the Eagle County MTO for the going sale price of $197??? 
 I typically need to size down .5 with the 333 last.  And there's a bit more room in the forefoot as compared to the 5 last.
 I picked up a pair in bourbon for $199 in late August this year.  That's the lowest I've ever seen them.
The Carson City and MacAdam are live on the website under the Sale & Clearance section.  The Carson City is quite sharp IMO.  
New Posts  All Forums: