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 I had the same issue with my Players.  The narrower toe was problematic for me.  Luckily I bought them at Nordstrom so was able to return them after a couple wears.
Bought the bourbon University webgems last night online.  Fell in love with the shoe as soon as it was posted online.  Used the Soles4Souls $35 credit to bring the price down to $260.  Will post pics once I receive them.  
 That's a great make-up!  Looking forward to seeing how they turn out!
 I'm also a 9D in the 5-65 last.  Whenever I try an 8.5E, I often like the extra room in the toe, but I don't like the extra width in the heel grip and cuff area.  But that's just me.  I'd say buy the 8.5E and return it if it doesn't fit.  Return shipping is always free!
 I do the Straight European lacing method for my Fifth Streets.  Seems to work well for me. http://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/straighteuropeanlacing.htm
Anybody else notice the Strand and Weybridge golf shoes on the site?  They're on non-standard lasts too.  The Strand is on the 3 last instead of its standard 5 last.  
I'm a big fan of the webgem University in bourbon with that dainite sole.  
FYI - the Hanover one piece balmoral has been added to Clearance.
Good catch! :)  The left shoe came with a shorter lace.  I called the shoebank and they're going to send me a replacement pair of laces at no cost.  Gotta love the Shoebank customer service!
Fifth Streets ITW at O'Hare airport.  Picked these up for $149 from last week's Shoebank boot promotion.  I've experienced none of the squeaking or break-in issues others have reported.  Loving them so far!  
New Posts  All Forums: