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Last year I remember Amazon had a temporary price drop to match Nordstrom. Stay tuned.
 Picked those up as a Webgem as well.  Love 'em!
Came across a MTO shoe site today called Awl & Sundry.  Seems to be a sort of Indochino business model for shoes.  Custom, goodyear welted shoes made in NYC starting at $350.  Interesting concept.   https://www.awlandsundry.com/
 If you add just one shoe tree, both the shoe and the tree come out to $200 even.
You could also try picking up a pair at your local JAB if they have your size in stock (to avoid the $6.50 transportation fee).
Well, if I remember correctly the Boardroom is basically the same shoe as the Park Avenue, but on a different last. The Nathan is basically the Fifth Ave. And the Lamont is basically the Sanford. All very good choices, but a slightly different last.
PSA: AE 1sts at JAB for $216.50 using coupon code GIFT. AE is rarely discounted at JAB. Quite surprised to see this offer this morning.
You can get the wide basic dress belt MTO in bourbon. I had it made up for me several months ago.
 I rock that combo all the time!  Walnut Evanstons, navy slacks, button down shirt, charcoal sport coat.  Always get compliments.
Some interesting designs coming out of the Allen Edmonds + Parsons collab this year.  The winning design will be offered as a webgem.  I personally like both The Bleecker Street and The Wright.   http://www.allenedmonds.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ParsonView?langId=-1&catalogId=40000000001  
New Posts  All Forums: